Sexual Harassment Awareness Audit

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Our team of experienced employment lawyers can work with you to ensure a workplace free from sexual harassment.

NRA Legal has demonstrated expertise in assisting employers to take the necessary steps to prevent, or where necessary, respond to sexual harassment in the workplace.

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The process

To achieve and maintain a culture of safety from sexual harassment in the workplace an employer must:

To help us understand your business’s specific circumstances, book in your free 30-minute consultation to discuss the Sexual Harassment Awareness Audit. From this consultation, our team will provide a fee proposal and estimate tailored to your business's needs.

NRA Legal’s sexual harassment awareness audit assists employers to identify:

  • The prevelance of sexual harassment within the workplace;
  • The awareness and understanding employees have of the employer’s policies and procedures;
  • Whether the policies and procedures are fit for purpose;
  • Whether complaints are escelated and investigations are conducted in accordance with best-practice standards; and
  • Strategies for improvement in respect of the same.

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