Fair Work claims can be intimidating for any business owner. Once you are made aware of an unfair dismissal or general protections application, there are certain steps you must take to properly respond to the claim within a specific timeframe. Rather than respond with confusion and bewilderment, you can seek assistance from experienced employment lawyers who can help inform and support a strategic and commercial response to any claim.

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Whether it’s the Local Court, the Fair Work Commission or the Federal Court, the team at NRA Legal lift the weight off your shoulders and help deal with the claim on your behalf – we are on your side. Our lawyers can represent you and your business in any court in Australia - whether it’s an unfair dismissal claim in the Fair Work Commission or a pay dispute in the Federal Court. We have a proven track record in devising the most effective strategy for businesses, delivering expert execution and advocating on their behalves.

Time is of the essence in litigation, and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to put your best foot forward. The first step is to talk to us so we can accurately assess your case.

If you’ve been sent a Fair Work Claim and don’t know how to progress, let us help. No more second guessing. Time is of the essence in litigation, and the longer you leave it, the harder it is to put your best foot forward.

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