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NRA Legal’s Award Assured Audit Tools utilise pattern recognition technology to automate the extraction and organisation of data, with significant increases to the efficiency of the audit process. This allows for more time to be dedicated to quality assurance and resolving areas of complexity.

Our Award Assured Audit Tools automatically identify areas of concern enabling our team of expert IR practitioners to efficiently review large volumes of data to focus attention on the issues identified and how to rectify them.

Through compliance consultations, NRA Legal can review your payroll processes to confirm whether you are meeting legal requirements or if there are any areas for concern.

NRA Legal can gather a representative sample of pay and time and attendance data from your business and conduct a spot check audit to determine if there are any compliance issues occurring and will provide advice on how to rectify any issues identified.

Where an issue has occured, NRA Legal can utilise our Award Assured Audit Tools to efficiently & cost-effectively undertake a comprehensive compliance and rectification audit to calculate any potential liabilities. 


to help you navigate compliance?

Our IR practitioners work with the modern awards for fast food, hospitality and retail on a daily basis. They understand the nuances of these awards and the areas where employers tend to have compliance issues, and have worked with businesses to rectify compliance issues across the spectrum from a few hundred dollars into the millions.

There are no overnight experts when it comes to award compliance in these industries. Ensure that your compliance work is handled by those experienced at traversing this complex terrain.

Audits conducted by NRA Legal are subject to the same protections afforded to all other legal work including legal professional privilege, meaning that you can be assured that whatever the outcome, our advice will be treated with the utmost discretion.

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