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Audit Tools and Wage Compliance Auditing

It is all too easy for employers to lose their way when navigating the complexities of the modern awards.  Seemingly minor defects in payroll processes can result in significant underpayments and penalties for non-compliance. The complexity of navigating the myriad of penalties and allowances an employee may be owed continue to make compliance harder to maintain. With significant financial and reputational consequences for wage non-compliance, it is essential to ensure that issues are identified early, calculated accurately and rectified promptly.


This is why NRA Legal has developed the Award Assured Audit Tools to help you navigate to payroll compliance.


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Navigate to payroll compliance

How can NRA Legal help you navigate to payroll compliance?

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What are the Award Assured Audit Tools and why do they improve the audit process?

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Why is NRA Legal the best choice for your business when it comes to wage compliance?

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