Mental health and performance management: Achieving the right balance

08 June 2021

By Andrew Piper and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal Heath authorities have warned, and it is fast becoming clear, that the anxiety and…

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Understanding the differences between employees and independent contractors

31 May 2021

By Calum Woods and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal Over the past decade, the ‘gig economy’ has fundamentally reshaped large sections…

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Doctor, doctor: When and how employers can challenge medical evidence

25 May 2021

By Alex Millman and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal Employees with medical conditions can present unique challenges for employers. While businesses…

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Due diligence for employee entitlements during sales of business

18 May 2021

By Calum Woods and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal When it comes to buying or selling a business, there is no…

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Storms on the horizon as unions threaten distribution and delivery

11 May 2021

By Alex Millman, NRA Legal The union movement has put major retail brands on notice of supply chain disruptions as…

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What happens if a casual employee refuses a rostered shift?

27 April 2021

By Calum Woods and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal As of 27 March 2021, it is now enshrined in the Fair…

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Legal Beagles | Bullying in the workplace

25 February 2020

A topic very near and dear to the Legal Beagles hearts.  Cal and Al return this week with a topic causing some stress for well-known…

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Legal Beagles | Does this wage look right to you?

24 January 2020

Does this wage look right to you? The Legal Beagles, Cal and Al, return for 2020 with a brand new analysis on the…

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Legal Beagles | Top 10 Dismissals of 2019

18 December 2019

2019 is drawing to a close, so the Legal Beagles decided to go over their favourite (and most infamous) dismissal decisions of the…

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Legal Beagles | Social media

17 September 2019

Our favourite Legal Beagles talk about the trials and travails of social media and workplace law, but will they ever…

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Legal Beagles | Swearing in the workplace

17 September 2019

Cal and Al are back again, this week taking a look at the issue of swearing at work. What are…

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