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The Brief – June 2022

JUNE Annual Wage Review decision On 15 June 2022, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down its decision in the 2021/2022 Annual Wage Review, departing significantly from its usual approach. The National ...
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The Brief – May 2022

MAY Industrial Relations changes under the new government: What to expect for businesses Following the recent Federal election, the new Labor government under Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is expected to introduce a ...
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The Brief – March 2022

MARCH Understanding the differences between employees and contractors: High Court says look no further than the contract The High Court has recently handed down two significant decisions concerning the test to be ...
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The Brief – April 2022

APRIL Victoria to introduce "Sick Pay Guarantee" for casual workers The Victorian Government has announced a "Sick Pay Guarantee" to be offered to casual workers in retail, hospitality and food services, supermarket ...
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The Brief – February 2022

FEBRUARY $45 million dollar underpayment a stark reminder that failing to afford employees paid rest breaks isn't a 'free pass' In a stark reminder that failing to pay employee's their rest breaks ...
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